About us

Simply put, we provide people, organizations and companies with products and services that are needed and useful to achieve an end result. We make the creation and delivery of promotional products and branded apparel - SIMPLE!  At Promotions-ETC, we strive to provide SIMPLY MORE!

Branded Apparel and Promotional merchandise might appear simplistic. Don’t be fooled, They are powerful advertising vehicles.  They are more effective than any internet page, tv commercial or other printed material or magazine page.  Why?  Because they last a whole lot longer. 

We know that every time you give an item branded with your logo, you’re telling your story.  Important stories about your company, your image, your brand, your mission statement, your principles and your values.  It all stands for something.  It’s more than just your product, service or your corporate identity; it’s a reflection of the promises you’ve made to your customers, your employees, your shareholders and to yourself. Companies need marketing tools and promotional items that reflect these promises.

People, organizations and companies rely on Promotions-ETC to provide effective ideas and calls to action along with branded merchandise that tell the right story, at the right time to get the desired results.  

Tell us who you are, what your challenges are and we will explore ways to help.  Following are some examples of ways we help others: 

  • Trade show planners, event planners and coordinators to create buzz and draw crowds

  • Branded/Corporate apparel that is seen away from the office, on the trade show floor ...  welike to call it EVERY WEAR!

  • Marketing professionals to convey a clear message, extend your brand and enable the sales force. 

  • HR professionals and managers to attract, reward & motivate performance from their people

  • Non-profits, CVB's and companies to thank their board members, volunteers & members

  • Gifts to show clients your appreciation and pleasure to work with them