Promotional Products

We make the creation and delivery of branded apparel and promotional products SIMPLE!

Promotional merchandise might appear simplistic. Don’t be fooled.

Getting your brand in front of the right person at the right time is the strength of promotional products and a core tenant to great marketing. Creative promotional products branded with your logo provide an effective way for you to get into that space. The key, of course, is to match the right product for your message with your tradeshow, business meeting or event.

When creating a promotional campaign, it is imperative to get your message directly to your targeted audience. Make your choices useful and you will have created a positive impression with your targeted message delivered, kept and remembered by the right people.

At Promotions-ETC, we go beyond just selling products. Successful promotion campaigns don’t happen by chance. To realize goals, promotional products programs must be carefully planned, taking into consideration the audience, budget and, of course, the ultimate result to be gained. While it may seem like you can buy promotional products anywhere, you have to ask yourself, will it work and is it safe. With many of today's items be manufactured in other countries, we follow strict guidelines and practices to keep you on the right side of the trouble line. We will help you create solutions, plan a program and get results…Guaranteed. And all the while provide you with the quality and safety you and your client's expect.

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