People are Important!

Whether they are your clients, employees, volunteers or boards members, recognizing the people who are vital to your success is essential. 




We help:  

  • Managers looking to motivate performance
  • CEOs to thank their board members for their services
  • Salespeople who want to be remembered by their clients
  • Companies who want to show employees they are appreciated
  • Human resource departments that want to attract the best recruits
  • Non-profits to recognize the contributions of their volunteers, board members and donors











HR Professionals:  Sometimes it feels like no one values HR until something goes wrong.  You know the importance of continuously focusing on the company's greatest resource - its talent. Attracting the right employees and how to keep them.  Your work touches employees in several ways.  You need to get new polices and training out to the team members.  You need to encourage learning development in their current roles and paths toward future roles.  Manager and staff training are key for you.  You also need to keep the workforce happy and engaged in the company's mission - efforts like employee recognition gifts, events and holiday parties.  And you need to do all this while balancing budget discussions about cutting overhead.  You certainly don't need to be worried about coming up with new ideas and trends to create a recognition program to inspire and motivate as well as keep track of the rest of your tasks to keep up with all of the people in your organization.  We can't do what you do --- so let us do what we do best for you; create recognition programs reward, inspire and motivate to give you the end results you need and that keep with your budget and on target with your other initiatives. 






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