Why Us?

Why Us?

Because we believe Success is a Measurable Result!


Each promotion that is geared towards your goals or prospects is more likely to generate a positive reaction and create results when the items carry a targeted message with a specific call to action that can be measured.

At Promotions-etc, we go beyond just selling products. Successful promotion campaigns don’t happen by chance. To realize goals, promotional products programs must be carefully planned, taking into consideration the audience, budget and, of course, the ultimate result to be gained.

Why Promotional Products?  Cost Effective ROI – That’s Why!

The Studies show that the cost per impression is $0.0004!! With the right ideas tied to the right items with the right call to action, your return on investment will be measurable and successful. We can help!

Consider these numbers of total impressions per month created by the following items:

  • Bags 1078
  • Caps/Headwear 443
  • Writing instruments 437
  • Apparel 344
  • Calendars 295

Top 5 most commonly retained promotional products include:

  • Writing instruments 46%
  • Apparel/ Shirts 38%
  • Calendars 24%
  • Bags 23%
  • Caps/Headwear 16%