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#1 Way to CAP-italize on your Branding!

#1 Way to CAP-italize on your Branding!

Its starts with the Right Ideas! Are you always looking for new ideas on how to to use headwear in your branding and promotional or recognition events? We call ‘em Thinking Caps and if you’re like most, you wear yours 24/7. The right idea can help you with all the different hats you may be wearing these days. Read on for a bit of history as well as what’s new in baseball caps.

Who wore the first baseball cap? A “chip” or straw hat was worn in 1849 as part of the New York Knickerbockers first official uniform says Tom Schreiber, senior curator at the National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum. Cap expert James Lilliefors reports the baseball cap was first worn by the Brooklyn Excelsiors in the 1860’s and featured a “small brim and round, forward-leaning crown, with a button on top of the stitching.”

In the 1960’s and 70’s, promotional hats were widely used by feed stores, farm equipment suppliers and automotive businesses who began giving away plastic mesh hats with snapbacks and foam fronts. The inexpensive “truckers caps” or “gimme caps” caught on especially in rural America. According to Lilliefors, “John Deere cap sales increased by 40% a year in the mid ‘70s.” Entering the 1980’s, Tom Selleck’s signature Detroit Tigers baseball cap worn in the TV Series Magnum P.I. further engaged larger audiences and popularized their use.

Today’s baseball cap has become a symbol of theUnited Statesand continues to be worn for weather protection, fashion, branding and promotional purposes. It’s the perfect user-friendly apparel and media to carry your message or logo. Everyone knows how to use it! “It’s functional, inexpensive and can broadcast whatever you want,” says Paul Lukas, creator of the sports uniform blog Uni Watch and an columnist. Further Lukas says, “Caps have gone way beyond baseball and sports … they have spread to cultures and countries that wouldn’t know a baseball game if it was plopped in front of them.”

The ball cap style most popular continues to be the basic unstructured model, featuring a fabric strap closure, mid profile with the logo or message positioned front and center.

Even as baseball caps continue to dominate the headwear market; fedoras, flat caps and pub caps have emerged as hip head coverings that fashion-conscious brands seek for their promotional purposes.

When Golf is your game, as the weather changes you may seek out one of the Gore-Tex bucket hats available from lines such as Callaway. This bucket rain hat is an essential element of any golf strategy. Features include Gore-Tex fabric with wide brim to shed rain, seam taped for waterproof performance and adjustable fit.

If it feels like you are the only one wearing the Thinking Cap and you could use help with ideas to promote your brand, products, events or services, contact us for an appointment and we’ll bring you your very own branded Thinking Cap as reminder that we wear ours 24/7 to help bring you the right ideas.

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